17% of candidates supported PR

In a recently released poll 48% of candidates in the October Federal election in Canada said they were “unsatisfied with the way democracy works in Canada”

If you look at the three responses which have to do with the electoral system then

“Lack of proportional representation” at 36%
“First-past-the-post does not reflect voters’ preferences” at 27%
“Needs electoral reform (general mention)” at 6%

They add up to 69% but people can vote for more than 1 option so all we really know is that it is between 36% and 69% of people who are dissatisfied with how democracy works are “dissatisfied’ with electoral system”. That is 36% of the 48% which is 17% to 69% of the 48% which is 33%. So at best it is a third want change and 17% want PR.

This is not motivating for PR but on the other hand getting a more expressive ballot is polling almost as high.

Read the report yourself here

You will want page 74

The poll got some media coverage