A (possibly) important point about multi-winner race ballot measures

When you write the legal provision stating “the ballot directions will clearly state ‘Vote for ALL the candidates you approve of’”, make sure to also add in the statement "‘the ___ candidates with the most votes will be elected.’, with ___ being the maximum number of candidates to be elected. " Without that additional statement, voters have no idea how many candidates they’re electing, and thus have a harder time deciding on approval strategies/how to vote. With bloc plurality, “vote for two/three” clearly signals that two/three candidates are to be elected. I’m not sure if City Councils/state legislatures can amend this in, so be sure to do it on your own first.
I think this might even be required in Approval PR, or even maybe any kind of PR or multi-winner race?

Your statement implies that fewer than the maximum number of candidates could be elected. Was that your intent?

Inevitably if only 2 candidates run when 3 candidates are to be elected, only 2 can be seated in that race, but 3 is what we want to make voters aware of. I’m trying to say “the number of winners expected” basically.