American Psychosis - Chris Hedges on the US empire of narcissism and psychopathy

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The Anti-Worm:
Democracy is 90% Culture, 10% Algorithm

Black Panthers & Arian Brotherhood Come Together In Prison:

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Nobody ‘owns’ anything. If you are eating an egg sandwich in the woods, it’s your sandwich, right? Wrong. Bigfoot can come along and just grab it out of your hands. It was never really ‘yours’.

Nobody owes any debt to anybody. It’s merely a sort of ‘contract’. You promise to do something in the future. What happens if you just drop dead? There is no ‘future’.

These are merely games we play, which we invent rules for. If people ‘break’ the fake ‘rules’, we try to make them suffer. We like to make them suffer, it is a force that gives us ‘meaning’.