Another Slogan for Approval Voting


Blake Huber is campaigning for Approval Voting using this slogan: “Mark ALL the candidates YEA or NAY; Most YEAS win at the end of the day.” CES could add this while also continuing to use “More choices, more voices.”

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That won’t fit on a bumper sticker.


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Vote for this or that? Both.
All in favor of approval voting say AYE!

How much do you like the candidates?
Express your entire opinion
Not just are they good, but HOW good?
Give me five! Stars, that is! (specifically for a 0-5 scale)

Against IRV:
IRV is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. {Method} instead!
IRV is a trap! You really want {Method}
I disapprove of IRV
Give IRV a 0!

Candidates negotiate to iron out misrepresentation
I’ll give you my votes so you can win
Oh no we split votes! Here, take mine.

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Here’s a limerick about IRV:

Instant Runoff is OK to use
When non-clowns come in ones and twos.
But if they’re in threes,
The centrist gets squeezed.
And the worse finalist’s own voters lose.


Approval voting is only a 2 word change for most voters.

Current system:

Choose one

Approval voting :

Choose one or more