Approval for the next Debate

Here’s the recent 2020 Democratic Presdential Primary candidates on an Approval ballot. Who should be in the next debate?

Surprise! has approval forms now.

Would it be possible to add a button allowing the voter to expand an approval poll into a score poll (with the scores counting as partial approval votes)?

Eric Swalwell dropped out.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to determine who makes the debate stage via an Approval PR system (e.g. PAV) than plain Approval?

That could very well sideline many consensus candidates, and while it’s important to have diversity, getting rid of candidates with small differences could be bad if you want a consensus candidate to win in the end. Maybe 70% could be chosen by Approval and 30% by Approval PR as a compromise. Ultimately, if you want minor candidates on stage, it may be worth taking some bad candidates who then become popular because of the debate.

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Well, the first candidate PAV elects is the Approval winner, so there will necessarily be some intersection between the non-PR and PR winner sets. What would you do about the 70-30 proposal then? (In practice, I’d support a more proportional selection system early in the primary season, then gradually making it more consensus-based.)

Anyway, I’d just like to see @Brian_Olson post a proportional ranking of the candidates as well as their standard approval standings.

There has to be some way to tune a PR system to be more like its single-winner variants. Maybe just automatically elect 70% of the top candidates then do the last 30% as regular PR. The alternative might be to somehow tune the PR system and make it more biased towards consensus winners in the first iterations.

If we get enough votes I’ll happily post the raw vote data for anyone to run alternative counts on. N=10 probably isn’t yet enough to be meaningful.