Approval IRV method

Does anyone know if a similar method has already been proposed by someone or in a similar form (especially regarding the last specification)?

Approval IRV
Voting form: ranking in which some candidates may also have the same position.

  • 1 point is awarded to all candidates in the highest position (0 points to all others).
  • the candidate with the lowest sum of points is eliminated.

The process is repeated until only one candidate remains, who is the winner.


  • when the process is repeated, and all candidates in 1st position in one vote have been eliminated, 1 point is awarded to all candidates in 2nd position.
  • the process can be interrupted when a candidate receives more points than 50% of the number of voters.
  • to reduce too tactical grades, a ranking with limited positions can be imposed. I think these positions must depend on the number of candidates.
    Eg 1 position for every 4 candidates, therefore:
    up to 4 candidates 1 position (it’s AV)
    up to 8 candidates 2 positions (1st, 2nd)
    up to 12 candidates 3 positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Yes. Look for “Approval-IRV” or “ER-IRV (whole votes)”.

I only found ER-Bucklin. Do you have links to the methods you say?

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