Approval Voting on the Ballot in Fargo!


The next time you quote us, don’t misrepresent what we are saying.


I think the problem here is that @rkjoyce is using ‘bullet vote’ to refer to any ballot that gives all candidates either a minimum or maximum score, rather than just those that give one candidate a maximum score and all others minimum.


I am merely trying to deal with the somewhat complex system for quotations here, and adding little bits within quotes using =/little bits of info/= interpolations that are reasonably marked off.

I tried my best to avoid any misrepresentation, but I don’t yet know how to get quotes within quotes. If anyone thinks I have misrepresented their actual positions, they are free to just correct that, obviously. How did I “misrepresent” anything?


You are right. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe min-max scoring. However, it has the fairly similar effect of constraining score voting into approval voting.


Binary votes, perhaps?


I said no such thing. I said approval-style voting is the best Score Voting strategy, not bullet voting.


Yeah maybe binary votes. You know, people are very fond of the notion that approval is just a “special case” of score/range, but it’s become evident to me that this is one of those quantitative distinctions that engender qualitative differences.

In fact, I wanted to mention somewhere that ranked choice voting is really a special case of score/range voting – the specialness being that you cannot grant two different candidates the same score.

If you could rank different (multiple) candidates with the same score you could have, say:

A > B, C, D > (-) > E > F, G >H

… and so on. Then you could give A 10 votes, and B 9 votes, and at the end, H 5 votes, and this would simply be score/range. However you could not use the tricky trick of “eliminating” candidates unless you were OK with having multiple candidates with an artificial majority (or something like that, I haven’t looked at all the angles).


I take it you are saying that binary (approval style) voting is the optimum score/range voting strategy. Is that the case?

But then you will be cursed with the double bind quandary!






Approval-style votes OR Exaggerated votes