Approval Voting


I think most people discovering this forum will already know about Approval Voting, but let’s cover it as an initial topic to kick off the new Forum.

Approval Voting allows you to check multiple candidates on a ballot. Imagine if somebody in the current method votes for Nader and Bush, then their vote is discarded as an illegal “overvote” and not counted. With Approval Voting, overvotes are legal and all votes are counted.

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Approval Voting is good.


I agree with Clay here.


A finer scale is even better.
0-9 range or 321 with half votes (use “good” and “half-good”, not “very good” and “good” to make the most severe vote feel like the default, that way people use full ballot strength) is better.
Still skeptical of STAR due to 3-candidate failure of NESD, although it works with 4+…


Approval is pretty good, but more expressive systems are better. Evaluative (Approve/Disapprove/Neutral for each candidate) seems like a better choice if you’re emphasizing simplicity and compatibility with existing voting machines.