Archiving the Forum - July 30th

The forum will be locked after July 30th, but remain online for archival purposes until ~Jan 1 2021, where the server will be shutdown. We will retain encrypted backups, but will not be publishing them as they may contain private information of users. If you have any special requests, please reach out.


I think you might have noticed it for a while, but CES hasn’t invested in the forum as much as the forum deserved. A lot of the energy and momentum for building the organization instead has moved into our campaigns and advocacy efforts, and as such, we’ll be sunsetting this forum after July 30th.

It needs to be said that no posts were factored into this decision, nor any conduct. Community maintenance is a large project for a small organization and we find that other mediums are better for collaboration around voting methods. This change reflects CES’s gradual evolution from an academic organization to an advocacy organization.

In the organization’s initial phase we were focused on studying all voting methods, comparing and contrasting them with the hope of finding an optimal voting method. We identified the key values of simplicity, accuracy, and low difficulty of implementation, and settled upon approval voting. We remain committed to our roots as an organization that studies voting methods. We continue to support the work of our advisory board and are excited to participate in the wider discussions of voting theory. But identifying which voting method is optimal is no longer the primary focus of the organization. While we will remain true to our roots on studying voting methods with a critical eye, the day to day functions of the organization will be focusing on promoting a simple, low cost, highly effective alternative to our current choose one voting method. This next phase is focused on helping more voters enjoy fair, representative, and just elections—like what we saw in Fargo this June.

On June 9th Fargo had the first approval voting election in the US. In November, St. Louis residents will be deciding whether they want to move to approval voting. And we’re very excited about upcoming campaigns that are emerging out of our Chapter program across the United States.

While this forum may be shutting down, the movement for better elections is growing bigger and stronger than ever. We need your voices included.

Felix Sargent
Chair, Board of Directors
The Center for Election Science