Are ballot initiatives the way to go?



My only concern is the tyranny of the majority problem. Perhaps in addition to constitutional amendments being off the table for national initiatives, The amount an initiative needs to pass by should be a little bit more then 50%? Like maybe 55%? Or perhaps if we had approval voting or some other utilitarian voting method for presidential elections, the initiative would still have to be signed by the president to avoid tyranny of the majority concerns. But even with one concern I have with such a system, it’s a great idea and would undoubtedly be better then the corrupt system we have right now.


Well, on the one hand, in the states that have them, initiatives have often served as a valuable check on legislative power grabs. For example, many Independent Redistricting Commissions have resulted from ballot initiatives, and prevented the legislators from entrenching themselves.

On the other hand, there are some details that need to be worked out to reduce the possibility of manipulation. Whoever writes the summary text for the initiative has a lot of influence over its fate. There can’t be too many, or voters won’t have a chance to make an informed decision on all of them. But making it too hard to put initiatives on the ballot would make it so that only large, rich interest groups can take advantage of them. These two goals seem to conflict with each other.