CES received a major grant from Open Philanthropy Project


We are excited to announce that the Open Philanthropy Project has awarded The Center for Election Science an additional $30,000 grant to support our approval voting efforts in Fargo, ND! This funding provides critical support during these last few weeks of our campaign, and will allow us to make sure that every voter understands how approval voting will improve their elections, and their lives.

Thank you, Open Philanthropy Project, for investing in this opportunity to make history!


Congratulations on getting that Grant! That’s certainly going to give you a boost.

If you have any info or contacts that you could connect me with, I am also seeking funding and help to get a project off the ground.

I have a post here under the title “Internet Voting” that I think you will find very interesting and I would LOVE to hear your feedback.

You can find the actual presentation for my concept here… www.OpenVote.World

Any tips you can give on finding funding or on the concept would all be very appreciated.



Woah, that’s amazing! I hope that means they’ll keep the funding going for future efforts, since CES has made a strong case that this is a scalable model.


I’m in the process of doing the 501c3 and prepping for grants. Any chance you could forward any documents or info that you used in your application that might show me what this group is looking for?