Codepen simulator update

Simulator Codepen
Edit “Explicit ballots” and click button “Execute”.

This is the Codepen simulator created by @RobBrown to which I made some additions including:
) A different template: winner in bold, and rounds are shown from the first at right, to last at left.
) New voting systems including:

  • FPTP
  • AV
  • Borda
  • STARV (find 1st winner, use RRV, found 2nd winner, max-norm, runoff)
  • IRV
  • A-IRV (approval IRV)
  • Stretch Baldwin (does not set the lower value of range to 0 when normalizing)
  • DV (IRNR)
  • Tragni’s Method
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This is cool, I’m really happy to see someone else working with what I started and extending it.

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I added a small strategy simulator to codepen, to understand how much a voting strategy can work (in reference to the min-max problem). It’s applied only on cardinal systems, because in those with rank it doesn’t make much sense.

The strategy indicates how to convert the values [0,1,2,3,4,5] of a range [0,5].
With this strategy: [0,0,0,1,1,5] a vote like this: [0,1,3,5] becomes [0,0,1,5].
You can set your own strategy.

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Added E-TM, and winning candidates with different colors.