Compromise with FailVote/RepUs and make cardinal+ordinal coexist?

I floated the idea of getting the IRV propagandists to push for using IRV or STV for the House, and a cardinal method for Senate. (Or vice versa.) The response was that ordinal ballots require a 1 for favorite while in cardinal methods a 1 is pretty bad.

But can this be made to work? Examples:

  • The Score/STAR voter is asked to fill in up to 5 star icons. No numbers are provided.
    • Vulnerable to Fraud
  • IRV is done with top 3 only, and they are labeled “Primary”, “Backup”, and “Second Backup”.
    • Only works with IRV, not STV
  • IRV/STV gives a list of names or initials, and voters must write the candidates in order, like below.
    • Handwriting Issues

Sample Below The Line Type 3 Ballot

The candidates are:
  • CHURCHILL, Winston (WC)
  • HITLER, Adolf (AH)
  • HOOVER, Herbert (HH)
  • LINCOLN, Abraham (AL)
  • MUSSOLINI, Benito (BM)
  • PUTIN, Vladimir (VP)
  • ROOSEVELT, Franklin (FR)
Rank some or all candidates.
3 winners will be chosen.


(Roosevelt is ranked first. The two // rows are intentional blanks. In theory, someone could fraudulently add candidates into blank rows. This would be more damaging if someone bullet voted. There would normally be 7 clear rows to write one candidate in each of, but I could not get such to display.)

You could just use words instead of numbers for Score. So, “Strongly Approve” “Somewhat Approve”, etc. Then just use those same words for the rankings, possibly in a reversed order or slightly changed.

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That does have two disadvantages:

  1. It might encourage voters to not use the full range.
  2. It is not very flexible.
  3. It is not obvious how many points “Strongly Approve” gives relative to “Somewhat Approve”.

Problems 1 and 3 can be solved by using Support, Half Support, Neutral, Half Oppose, and Oppose. (The “Half” makes it super clear it only gives half of a support vote.)


Not going to work. STV relies on being able to rank like 5+ candidates out of like 20 if you are voting below the line.

Then just come up with 20 categories i.e. Very Strongly Approve, Extremely Approve, etc.

That actually is confusing in the other direction because it implies that IRV is a point system OR that Score does not allow duplicate ranks. I think several SanFran voters already believed IRV3 was a point system. Using the same language for two completely different systems is problematic.