Condorcet combined with Sequential Monroe PR

It occurred to me that there is a summable way to combine Sequential Monroe with Condorcet if you prefer some Condorcet properties over those of Range.

In each Sequential Monroe step, any candidate who passes the threshold of getting at least one quota of support in their top ratings is given a top quota score that includes the full scores above the threshold and the appropriate fractional amount at the threshold rating to make exactly one quota.

So, during that same step, one could also accumulate a pairwise array A[k,i,j], where the leading index k contains the i,j weighted pairwise totals at rating k.

Then, in the same way that Sequential Monroe finds a top quota score, you would, for each candidate i, total up their top quota ratings from the maximum score down to the threshold rating, using a fractional amount for the threshold rating to total one quota of pairwise preference. If the threshold rating is the top score, however, the entire total would be used.

Given this pairwise array, you can then find your pairwise winner according to your preferred Condorcet method. I like the idea of using Score Sorted Margins with the top quota score as the initial ranking seed.

I’m not saying this is a practical idea, but it does appear to have more LNHarm and LNHelp compliance than other Condorcet PR proposals, which would encourage full ratings.

I’m interested in testing this claim; do you have an example?