Constitutional amendment planned to lock in FPTP for Presidential elections


I hope This fails miserably. There is seriously no point in doing away with the EC if the same broken choose-one method will be forever locked* into the core document of our nation.

*Well, maybe not.


To be fair, as long as the EC itself uses FPTP and lets the House pick when there is no majority, there is little benefit to a state using anything other than FPTP to choose which candidate to allocate its electors to.


But at least with the current system we can use a national* popular vote treaty and bake Score Voting in, perhaps with language saying the compact can change with approval of half of the states inside it.

*With WDS’s idea of making the compact only work among its own states.


I wrote to my theoretical rep in the HR.


My initial post was not completely correct, anyway, since it ignored the possibility of an unpledged slate. If electors are not bound to a particular candidate, then the time between the selection of electors and the college vote could serve as an asset-like negotiation period, which would probably prevent a scenario where the House decides. In such a scenario, using a good method to pick electors would make a difference.

Wow, that’s ruthless.


It basically forces every state to join (well, at least, once it reaches a majority) quickly or else they lose. Getting that majority will prove difficult.

EDIT: Although really the main thing we want is to allow the compact to renegotiate the voting system. If we have Score and decide we need STAR, or vice versa, or decide to switch to Asset, etc, it would need to be able to adapt to such a change.


Does Asset work with the NPVIC as written? If the votes can be rearranged within a state, you’d presumably have the ability to award all the popular votes to a consensus candidate, which could swing close elections to that state’s benefit. I suspect other states would switch to Asset to keep up as well.