Democracy Dollars


Let me first say I am not a US citizen and I am not supporting a candidate. I just thought this was an interesting idea. Since the US is a two party system, the primaries are really a gatekeeping mechanism and these are highly dependant on campaign funding.

There has been an idea put forward to let citizens decide on the campaign funds for each candidate. This is an interesting idea because it essentially is a score vote for how much funding candidate gets.

Official proposal is here.

To me this almost seems to exacerbate the problems with democracy. It would make Socrates’ “sweet shop owner” problem much larger. However, it is still likely a net gain.


Well, since the $100 is a total for all candidates, it’s closer to cumulative voting, or perhaps Asset.

This could be part of a solution, although in many areas, local politics is harmed by a lack of information, which may be a barrier to this being an effective counterweight to major donors or prioritization of special interests.