Divide the Election Theory Category?


Why not split the Election Theory category into Single-winner Election Theory and Multiwinner Election Theory? The existing category could be kept to hold the existing contents it has and make it unnecessary to try to subcategorize all those existing contents.


Not to be picky, but it may confuse newcomers who aren’t sure where their idea falls. Perhaps retain Election Theory and add two new ones, or just add Multiwinner, since that’s more “niche” and hard to understand over single winner cases imo.


OK, how about retain Election Theory and one of its purposes would be for newbies who aren’t sure about multiwinner and single-winner distinction, and another would be for ideas that apply to both. But create categories specifically named Single-winner and Multiwinner to make clear that only thoughts about those categories should go into those categories. I think this is particularly valuable for the single-winner case. I think it likely that each category has its own best solutions and neither often has much to do with the other.


Totally open for this. I’ll create new categories.