Do you think we could get Common Cause to support Approval or Score Voting?

I looked around their website and they do all the “conventional” democracy reforms (ending gerrymandering, overturning Citizens United, etc) but they do not appear to support IRV. Is there a way that CES could try to get CC to endorse Approval or Score Voting?

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I know Common Cause Maryland testified in support of IRV at a bill hearing. That said, I would still make an effort; some of the organizations who testified for IRV at that hearing but for whom IRV wasn’t central to their identity (cough FairVote) were at least somewhat receptive to Approval when I talked to them.

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I think it’s possible, but the key here is outreach & education. I’d encourage you to reach out to your local chapter to see if they’re familiar with approval/score, and if not, if they’d like to learn more. If they would, CES could probably arrange a presentation for them.

It may be worth giving up on Score; STAR is rather similar with much more momentum currently. It is harder to recruit someone when you put the onus of creating the initial momentum for a system on them.

Overall, Approval has more momentum than either multilevel Score or STAR (though STAR may have the edge in Oregon). Ideally we could get them to back cardinal voting generally, but in practice we either need a unified pitch or we need to target local chapters of the organization and pitch the regionally strongest system. I would be foolish to advocate STAR or Score to Common Cause Maryland, when Approval already has the support of a committee chair. But if you live in Oregon, you should promote STAR.

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I’ve been thinking trialing some of the cardinal PR systems we discuss might also be helpful, if you have the volunteers for it in a small enough region. That would give more of a boost to cardinal voting in general, if a path to PR could be established.