False hope for Fringe ideologies

I think it’s unethical to tell Fringe groups like socialists and Libertarians that approval voting will help them. Looking at the distribution curve of political ideology a majority of people are moderates somewhere between Republicans and Democrats. Socialists and Libertarians will do worse under approval voting since at least in FPtP there are so few candidates in general elections after a primary they can hope that a major party nominee imploding will let them squeeze in.

The best system for Fringe ideologies is obviously Proportional representation with lots of seats in winning pools. Approval voting will harm not help 3rd party crazies we should be honest with them about that reality.

I agree with your message. Approval has a well documented centerist bias and this is not hidden by the CES. However, I do not agree that libertarians are fringe. If you are thinking about a one dimensional political spectrum in the United States then I can see how you would think this way. Also, in terms of party support I am sure it looks that way. In fact libertarians are consensus builders between Democrats and Republicans. Or at least the Libertarians closer to Classical Liberals ideologically than anarchists. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at the only example in the United States

Libertarianism is absolutely a Fringe ideology. The notion that public schools should be back abolished, paying 18 year olds for sex should be legal, Walmart should be allowed to sell heroin to anyone, Drs shouldn’t be licensed by the state? Communist China shouldn’t face tariffs? The only Libertarians who win win by not being Libertarians.

Approval Voting maximizes consensus and Libertarianism isn’t a concentric idea it’s as radical as socialism. The idea you should be allowed to hire homeless people to fight each other to the death for your amusement is sociopathic.

Well you clearly do not know what libertarianism is. I even gave you a video

Considering I was a deontological Libertarian for over a decade I think it’s you that doesn’t know what Libertarianism Is.