How injurious does FairVote's piece against STAR or even other systems continue to be today?

And how can we help mitigate the damage? Some of the arguments don’t seem to make sense (i.e. sink a consensus candidate so your favorite faces a weaker candidate in the runoff), but on the surface there is something appealing about them.


We need to get STAR websites more widely known (e.g. have not look like it is purely Oregon) and write op eds in NYT/WaPo/WSJ et al and get on NPR (through 1A most likely), and our search results will rise.

Problem is, UnfairVote is WAY ahead in the race. Afaik cardinal systems have been in 2 city referenda in recent history, and only 1 passed; RCV is gaining traction all over the place.

“Yes, captain, I know very well our ship is headed straight for a zone ruled by pirates! But the new course you are leading us on ALSO runs into the pirates! We need to go on this other course to truly be safe.”

In this post truth world, I doubt that UV’s empire of lies and FUD can be brought down unless the truth (I.e. cardinal voting organizations) can also grow to a similar size.


Maybe this has something to do with it?


Is there something specific you could point to in these reports?


I am not an accountant, but it does look to me like FairVote is receiving about three million dollars each year from vast institutions such as the Hewlett Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. How will we compete with that?

Are these institutions yearning for democracy, or are they just part of the elite-front, military / security complex? Does any one believe that they really care about democracy? Not me, certainly.


Why not? If you have a good proof or something close to it, maybe it’d be useful for other discussions.


I just provided the proof. What more proof would you desire?


That’d be an incredibly useful thing to prove, as it’d mean FV are in cahoots with the two parties to maintain the system.


I believe I just proved that FairVote is getting about three million dollars a year from institutions such as the vast elite-front Hewlett Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. That tells me quite a lot. They certainly are not grass roots!


Those organizations are non-profit charity organizations. If they were corporations whom had a profit motive, you might have a point, but I think it is much more likely that they are just charitable organizations that have been mislead about the benefits of IRV and Rob Richie has to keep attacking good voting methods to keep these charitable organizations from supporting other electoral reform orginizations/feed his “I am always right about everything” complex.

CES got a $600,000 grant from the Open Philanthropy Project, specifically from one of the elite billionaire shareholders of Facebook who is part of the organization. Prior to that I don’t think CES has ever raised that kind of money. so by that definition, CES isn’t grassroots either.


If THAT were the case, we would have a constitutional amendment mandating IRV ten years ago.