How to manage conversations and threads in Discourse


Continuing the discussion from Suggestions for forum tweaks:

Discourse can’t be made fully threaded. If you simply select text you are replying to, it automatically offers the option to quote that specific text, as I’m demonstrating here.

You can also reply to specific comments rather than to the topic in general. When you do, your new comment is still just put at the bottom but you can see an indication that it was a reply to the specific earlier comment. And at the earlier comment it has an option to expand and directly show the reply.

The best way to manage tangents that threaded exchanges tend to have is to choose “reply as linked topic” and start new topics when going off on tangents. That option is by clicking the little arrow thing above the compose field. I’m going to do it now so that this reply itself is a new topic (since this is not a suggestion for forum tweaks).


This text will be hiddenFor some reason, the suggestion thread just refuses to show me any posts. It acts as though it was a perfectly valid thread that has 5 posts but those posts are invisible. I can even reply to the thread, though once I do I can no longer see the reply.

Um… I do not see that. Perhaps because I am writing this as a reply to the general topic? Let me test.

(Multiple quotes work, yay!)
Anyway, I can see this post. So something about the suggestion thread, and only the suggestion thread, is making it invisible without explanation. Yet other Site Feedback threads are visible.


I don’t know what the error is with that thread and your rendering, but indeed the way Discourse is designed (and we kinda have to work with it in this case, though it’s flexible in other ways), the idea is to do multiple quotes just like you tried. That way, the context can be followed even though it’s not nested more than a single pseudo-level.

All in all, the combination of quoting, pseudo-nesting, and reply-as-linked-topic plus the ability of mods to split topics and move posts, that results in a usable situation much better than generic flat non-threaded discussions.