I found a falsity in a CES page


Continuing the discussion from Check-IRV: a vastly improved version of IRV:

wbport1’s website has an IRV flaw election. Clicking the “RCV Fails” radio button brings up an election, but clicking the red link goes here:

However, that article got something wrong in section 4.

But you can’t add RCV and regular choose-one ballots together. It just doesn’t work.

You CAN add those ballots together though. Just count a vote from a FPTP state as a vote with only one ranking. (Similarly, count FPTP ballots in a Score race as max for the voted candidate and min for all others, and with STAR, the ballot counts for the named candidate in the runoff.)

I also disagree with a claim near the end of the article:

Mind you, this is not a call to get rid of RCV. Where RCV has been implemented, it’s moved us past our choose-one method, and that’s a good thing.

RCV to me seems like a step backwards since it does not solve the ails it claims to solve and it can make further reform more difficult (we already reformed once, now you want to change things again?). And they (UV) are moving faster than we are from what I can tell.