Iowa Dems using RCV for caucuses


It never fails.

I know their version is slightly different, but still, this is more national attention on RCV with nothing comparable on AV, SV, and STAR.


Are you referring to the ‘viability threshold’ rule generally, the way it is to be applied at the virtual caucuses, or something else?


The thing I saw on Fairly-badVote was

(I think I might have to change my mock name… RCV is not “Unfair” since all voters are treated equally and all candidates are treated equally. Of course, the same is true of FPTP, Choose1, and our current system.)

More news; not sure if good or bad. New Hampshire tried to get primaries to use IRV… but then I saw that it seems to be failing

I submitted a suggestion to 1A to talk about Approval and Score and STAR on the show, but I have no idea how long it would take for them to actualize it, if it even happens at all. (I wonder if more people submitting the suggestion makes it more likely…?)