Kialo structured discussions about voting methods


In an attempt to summarize the pros and cons of each voting method, and hopefully reduce the endless repetitive debates these generate, structured discussions have been created on the Kialo platform:

You can create an account and add Pros and Cons for each method, vote on their importance, provide nested counterarguments, etc. (Try to keep each claim concise and “atomic” and don’t duplicate existing claims. Existing claims can be linked to multiple points in the tree when it makes sense to do so.)


Very cool. Thanks for adding this.


Does 321 lead to two party domination?


@NoIRV It shouldn’t, considering that it’s approval with top three at first. If there’s a true moderate that’s reasonably likable, they should get the least negative votes as opposed to the evils on the other side. Imagine a 3-2-1 for the most recent presidential election. Hillary and Donald would both get strongly negative votes, but an imaginary moderate between the two should be relatively well liked.