Large Foundations


Continuing the discussion from Who's going to Unrig Summit in Nashville, 3/29…31?:


Maybe not anymore after the following:

When I read this, I was not sure how being funded by these organizations automatically implies that the organizations are being forced into some scheme.

CES need not “lobby” for any method in particular, but only promote discussion of all voting methods, or at least the big four.

What all did the Prime Minister there do?


I think it is more likely that Richie and some other leading figures in FarilybadVote are just liberal Democrats who want to secure their party in power, and everyone else is just blinded by their media dominance. Occam and Hanlon would probably agree. (On the other hand, Richie’s continual lies and exposure to WDS et al makes me unwilling to assume his own innocence.)


Seems like that would make Hanson’s Razor more relevant than Hanlon’s Razor.