"majority minority"

I’ve been hearing this term a lot to describe where a coalitions of minorities make a majority. I would describe this situation as a plurality where no component has a majority.

I’m not an egghead so maybe there’s an interesting reason to use the term minority majority or majority minority but I think it sounds weird. Thoughts?

Plurality suggests that there is a dominant group that is short of a numerical majority. Majority-minority would also describe situations where no one group is dominant.

Wouldn’t the minority be dominate since they are the majority? Plurality sounds like plural like many like contested like diversified.

What’s the main religion in your city?

Of there’s a plurality of religions. That sounds like there’s a lot and no one has a majority.

I just don’t like the term majority minority because it transformation minority and majority from quantitative statements to qualitative statements. As if a minority of white people are still major to people of colors minor.

I get that it does describe non-white majority areas without using the term non-white since the term makes even non whiteness a reference to whiteness. But I think plurality is a more accurate and neutral description.

In my experience “majority minority” refers to a smaller area where something which is a minority in the broader country makes up a minority in that one area. For example, blacks are less than 15% of the US population but one particular city may be 60% black and that city would be called “majority minority”.

I guess you could also use it for a case where a coalition of minorities adds to over 50% but none cross 50% on their own. But that has the problem that everyone is a minority in some way.

If 60% of a population was black I’d just say the population was predominately black or majority black.

Whites make up a small % of the global population we don’t say white countries are majority minority. I don’t think the people using the term have any bad motives but I think there are sight harms in the implication that regardless of numbers people of color should be considered minority and a small number of whites should be called majority.