Making voting reform work with the Electoral College and NPVIC

Continuing the discussion from Electoral College + Voting Reform = Prime Minister:

I figured it’d be best to cluster any proposals and discussions people have for this in this post.

Here’s my own proposal (which may have serious flaws) for how Condorcet can be combined with other voting methods (except probably STAR and 3-2-1) in an NPVIC: essentially, first convert Score voting results to the same scale as Approval and FPTP results (so go from, say, a 0 to 5 scale, to a 0 to 1 scale). This allows you to get the number of “votes” each candidate got across the nation. Then, for however many such votes a candidate has, that many votes are added in their favor in every single one of their pairwise matchups. If this procedure is used with no states doing Condorcet voting, then the candidate with the most votes is the CW.

This image, and a related idea, are discussed here:

If a Condorcet cycle occurred due to this proposal, some sort of cycle resolution method would need to be agreed to. If the states using Condorcet methods used Condorcet-cardinal hybrid methods, such as Smith//Approval, then perhaps you could use one of the Condorcet-cardinal methods as the national cycle resolution method. States not using Condorcet methods would be understood to give the exact same cardinal votes to each candidate as they did pairwise votes in the first stage of this proposal.