Moderators PLEASE help keep topics on track here

Continuing the discussion from CES's new anti-STAR Hit Peice. :frowning::

This forum devolves quickly into an challenging-to-follow stream-of-consciousness discussion of theory in nearly every single topic. However, the forum has tools to avoid this.

I am replying right here to a derailed topic. I used the “reply as linked topic” function (tragically not obvious, hidden in the arrow icon). Thus, I’m not further derailing the (already derailed) topic. This also makes it easy to continue a new on-topic thread.

@staff here can select tangential threads (and their replies) and move them to new topics also. Doing that would stop people from derailing every topic.

I am a little concerned that this may be more difficult than it appears, because in my experience topics are derailed gradually. Often I find that someone posts something on topic, then post #2 connects to post #1 and is still mostly on topic, then post #3 moves things slightly more off topic, and eventually post #8 has barely anything to do with the original, and post #9 does not relate at all. Whose fault was it? When do you cut things off?


Because there’s a move function and an automatically generated link between the topics (as well as the option of a staff notice to add), these things are safe to do. It’s up to moderators (or people can flag as off-topic if users get the idea) to make good judgments.

So, they could move as soon as something is clearly off-topic. They could choose to move from the beginnings of being mostly-off-topic or move when it is clearly totally-off-topic.

As long as this is done more in general, people will get the idea that the forum is better when used topically instead of just having every topic be open-ended conversation. It’s freeing to realize that behind the little arrow there’s the “linked topic” option, so you can go right ahead and reply tangentially without worry about derailing a topic!

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