Montgomery County, Maryland


There’s a bill to allow approval voting or ranked choice voting. It appears that the state needs to pass the bill to permit the county to do this, then the county would choose which system to use. Note this is where Rob Richie lives, in Takoma Park, Maryland which already uses IRV.

Here’s a piece which seems to be largely FUD against the bill, so it only mentions IRV and not approval voting.


The MoCo delegation to the Maryland legislature has introduced bills like this before (I know for sure they did one last year). Those previous bills only allowed RCV (it may have been vague enough to allow for a non IRV form of ranked voting, although IRV is the only ranked system any local media mentions). So this is an improvement over last year. Of course, if the bill fails again, it’s a moot point.
Actually, I wrote a letter to a local news website (which they published) advocating for the use of either Approval or Score voting in local elections. It cited the then-recent Democratic County Executive Primary as a case, the same election Luedtke did (Synopsis: Extremely anti-development councilmember wins with 29% of the vote because of vote splitting between 5 opponents. There were other problems, too, but that’s the gist of it.) I’d like to say that the letter had something to do with this development, but I don’t know for sure.

I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the other Luedtke bill in the article, which would make ballot access harder.


Last year’s bill: