More info needed on IRV repeals


Is there a comprehensive list of places that have passed and later repealed or not implemented RCV and why?

I need a link or source talking about each one of the case studies for a project.

I know of Ann Arbor MI, Aspen CO, Pierce County WA, Burlington VT, and Cary, South Carolina is often on that list but I also heard something about Virginia using it statewide for a pilot? Or something? Also Tennessee voted yes but never implemented it and repealed it? Or something? Where else?

Also, I need clear differentiation between places that repealed STV and IRV or who voted it in but didn’t implement.


Weren’t there a bunch much earlier in the history of the country? Or was that Bucklin or something


It was two methods, Bucklin and STV. In many places, STV used to be used for multi-winner elections and Bucklin used to be used for single winner methods.

At one point, even NYC used STV. Here’s a chart showing the timeline of when STV was introduced and repealed in many cities:

STV also becoming popular in single winner elections as well is a more recent development.

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