Multiple Option Ballot Initiative for Voting Reform


Is putting multiple voting systems on the ballot a viable idea? Similar to what they did in Canada (but perhaps with Approval instead of ranking), cities could offer voters two questions on whether to change the voting system and to which of the other systems. It would be quite easy to unify the voting reform community around two or three options rather than only one.


I suppose that in any polity where putting any change of voting systems on the ballot is a viable idea, it is just as viable to offer multiple options. But someone is sure to ask, using what voting system do we decide on the voting system? For a start, it should be possible to use all of them. Then if different voting systems elected more than two different voting systems, the polity could cross that bridge when it comes to it.


Wouldn’t that be really cumbersome and/or expensive?


New Zealand held a referendum on MMP in 2011 which had multiple options for what to replace
it with. Had they voted to replace MMP there would have been a second referendum on whether to adopt the replacement (chosen by plurality in the first referendum) or keep MMP.

In states with ballot initiatives, usually when conflicting initiatives pass, the one with the most Yes votes is enacted.


Has anyone ever pushed for an Approval ballot options voting reform initiative? Picking multiple options, and maybe a yes or no included on changing systems?


I doubt it, because the Initiative Process itself is generally strictly defined.