🤦‍♂️ naming conventions


Borda count (the voting method described as “ranked voting”) isn’t even mentioned. The person who put this option up probably knew this and was taking advantage of the popularity of the term “ranked choice voting”.

While Borda isn’t great, at least Borda count is better then IRV when voters are honest (Warren’s and Jameson’s sims disagree about whether it is also better when voters are strategic too).

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Haha that’s great. As I was reading it, I thought “ugh they’re already using IRV and don’t even realize it’s the same thing as ranked choice, that dumb marketing really works” and then got to the part that describes the actual system…

It’s not actually Borda, though, is it? It’s based on average ranking, not total number of points. Do they behave differently with blanks?


Blanks would I assume be considered as how blanks in “Score-with-blanks” are considered.

Richie will be mad.


Borda is very nearly score. I wonder if there is a way we could sneak score through in this way. For example “Rank 0 to 10 with duplicates and skipped rankings allowed” Then we just do score = 10 - rank. We would then wait 2 years and start telling everybody that they are using score.