National Conference of State Legislatures advocated RCV

They are a rather low key website that has a TON of sway with state legislatures. Every time I have emailed them I have gotten a prompt response. They are strictly non-partisan and generally the first resource legislative aids go to when they have questions on a topic, so they generally try to be a resource rather than an advocate. I bet they would actually appreciate a friendly worded, well documented (lots of links ect.) letter in response to this fairvote musical chairs BS. Sure is convenient they didn’t have a paper trail to show if it misfired or not. My writing style tends to be closer to flame thrower than diplomat so I figured I would just leave it up to you guys. There is a button to email Wendy at the end.

They will be having a ton more conferences with redistricting coming up, and they might be open to letting someone run a similar seminar with voting systems that don’t suck so feel free to offer that as well.

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The trouble is, because cardinal methods are mostly untested in public elections (outside of Greece, which had a horrible version of Approval), the organization may not want to strongly advocate them. It still might be worth a shot just to introduce these methods, so that hopefully the organization at least can point curious state legislators toward more alternative methods.

Untested? Gosh. You don’t say. I suppose tested and failed is better than untested.

Someone should have told that to RCV evangelists before they ever got off the ground. Or at least given them the humility to take criticism with an open mind rather than seething hatred.

Not sure if you meant that the other way around. Failing a few times is the death of any fledgling reform.

To be fair though, it strikes me as very odd that no cardinal method supporter started ballot measures to prove FairVote wrong. I don’t believe the Center for Range Voting was even able to convince any large organizations to support Score Voting. It’s hard to push back against a lot of the seemingly true anti-cardinal arguments without solid evidence.
Also, I think most can agree STV is a decent PR system, and FairVote’s reasoning is that RCV leads to STV, so from their point of view, lying a little now to get to the main objective later is probably worth it.