Nevada Democrats Release Draft Delegate Selection Plan


The DNC is putting pressure on states to ‘expand the franchise’ which means different things to different states. They have already convinced about six states to switch to a primary from a caucus. The states where that isn’t viable are having to do some kind of absentee voting. IA will be giving 10% of it’s delegates to the next convention to virtual caucus winners. As a result campaigns will do everything they can to get people to show up in person to get more delegates.

Nevada isn’t that smart. They will have 4 days of early voting with essentially an IRV ballot. And also virtual caucuses on the same night as early voting two nights, not that I have any clue what the difference is. Then NV gives itself a whole two days to sort through the n! posible ballot combos so that they can be counted in their home caucus towards the 15% viability threshold and redistributed to their remaining choice so that the live actual caucus knows how many supporters from each candidate they need to elect to the next level.

Obviously since it only took ME-2 a month to do their IRV I’m sure these ‘neutral’ caucus chairs should be able to pull it off in a few hours. without getting accused of rigging it.*

*they want it to be auditable too, sigh.

Part of me just wants to see this trainwreck happen to discredit IRV but something tells me that isn’t where the blame will land. There is a 30 day comment period, you guys should submit a proposal. They do need to keep that 15% viability threshold otherwise it will practically guarantee a brokered convention. IMO this could be accomplished with a score ballot with the additional step of asking the voter to circle their first choice independent of the scores they give and just use that to calculate who makes the cut and then give the delegates out proportionally among the rest

The downside of ditching caucuses for primaries is that you don’t get any meaningful way to gauge the depth of support a candidate had. Hillary’s support was a mile wide and an inch deep. A score ballot would have shown Bernie to be broadly acceptable to most Clinton supporters and not vise versa.

I doubt I’ll submit my own, and it would look better coming from the org anyways. Here is the full doc.


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I will leave the comment up to someone else as I am confused by how their system works and what specifically is IRV-like.

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With a normal live caucus people group together by candidate, any candidate that doesn’t meet the 15% threshold gets eliminated and then their supporters can then go to one of the remaining candidates. Since some people won’t be there live they will be submitting an IRV like ballot (incase their first 7 choices don’t make the 15% cut). The document just says they can continue listing further choices. If there is any doubt that your one caucus location might just be the one full of Amy Klobuchar supporters (there are lots of small ones so not impossible) and you want anyone but her you should fill out a full IRV list.