New and Better Place to Argue Anything


Voting systems are compared, with pros and cons listed for each, at the link below. The public can submit new arguments for and against a system or for or against an argument, a sub-argument, etc. The arguments on both sides are organized in a way that works much better than how they tend to go on social media such as Facebook or the comment section on an article. Each argument on this new tool typically appears in just one place; people don’t keep putting up duplicates and hashing out the same discussion over and over.


Kialo comes up every so often. I think it’s a pretty good summary of all the arguments but I don’t think you can use something like this for absolute decision making. I certainly wouldn’t endorse something just because it’d appeared on Kialo.
Good format though, I hope it works to convince people.


Keep in mind that it’s a structured debate, not a discussion forum. Claims are not comments.

Annoyingly, the “Impact” voting is a hybrid of “truthfulness” and “relevance”. I wish they could be voted on separately.