New CES logo needs work


So, I know I may be biased here, having sanctioned the design of the previous logo, but…

  1. The two colors are extremely clashing. And the darker color is way way too dark for a logo.

  2. There are gradients in the check part. It’s very hard to do gradients well.

The logo itself is not too bad. Perhaps a little too simple, but workable. It just needs to be flat and only one or two colors, preferably lighter, and that don’t clash.


For what it’s worth I really like the logo. FairVote is purple and you guys are green which is the anti purple which is good because they’re terrible.

It is simple but it conveys what you’re about. A beeker and a check mark. Science and democracy it’s poetically simple and I really like it.


Thanks Bryce - glad to know you like it. We worked hard on getting it right.
No accounting for taste, and nothing will ever be perfect - but it’s definitely better than the former logo.