New CodePen and video: "Stella voting" (placeholder name) etc

The CodePen shown in the video is at

This video is intended as a bit of an introduction to CodePen (both for coders as well as non-coders who want to just paste ballots into them), while also showing the “Stella” voting method which keeps coming up, but it doesn’t seem to have a name. If it already has a name please let me know. If it doesn’t, I think we should use the method to vote on a permanent name. (why not?)

The method is mentioned here Does this sequential variation of STAR exist? and New home for this forum/community

I also refer to these CodePens, which I am putting together as a bit of a lesson in doing more complex HTML stuff with them (in hopes that others will catch the CodePen bug):

Edit 1: I just noticed this method, which is similar, but does not do the normalization after elimination (which I think is essential to try to reduce the last vestiges of irrelevant-alternative-sensitivity):

Edit 2: I found where I first mentioned this, where I described Smith/Score, @AssetVotingAdvocacy pointed out what it was called, and I suggested normalization. So funny how I keep forgetting whether I’ve talked about things in the past. CES's new anti-STAR Hit Piece. :(