New Terms for Old Criteria

I think that CES should consider coming up with new names for some of the various criteria and voting systems. Both “first past the post” and “plurality” have problems; no one would never guess the “consistency” criterion meant it did not suffer from “district split failure”; and “Frohnmayer balance” is named after a relatively obscure person in the larger voting reform world.

We could still have all the old terminology but it would be more like how Wikipedia has an article called “Instant-Runoff voting” that says it is also called RCV, instead of the other way around.

This thread is for discussing more terminology that you find strange or obsolete. (This is different from the concept being strange or obsolete!)

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Maybe so, but they are so ubiquitous that to invent a new name would have its own problems.

The “vote for one” or “choose-one” voting method is not too bad a name.

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Plurality, Asset, Sainte-Laguë,… all “pick one” systems.

Only Plurality would come to mind for most people though, right?

Hi, everyone! Great point. There is a lot of jargon in this space and we’re working to find ways to make our work easier for folks to understand. To your point on FPTP/plurality, we officially adopted a policy of referring to that as “choose-one” voting earlier this year. We now use it in grant applications, in marketing materials, etc. We’ve found that it’s been easier for us to describe the voting method, particularly to people who aren’t experts in the field.

Plurality is good. I always though of “First Past the Post” as a pejorative term