New Voting Theory Council Elections Tonight!

Have you been following the development of the new forum and want to get involved?
Do you want to be considered as a Council Member? (Basically be on the governing board.)
Are you interested in being a moderator or helping craft policy for how the forum will be moderated? Are you able to help with the tech and development side of the project?

If you answered yes to any of the following you should join us tonight at 7:30pm Pacific for the next and final meeting of the Forum Interim Council where we plan to elect an official Council and then pass some bylaws.

If you haven’t been involved in leadership yet but want to be, another option could be to join and sit in (as a non-voting person) and participate. This could be a good first step to running for a board position down the line once people know you and some trust has been built. We do need more people to step up to make this project resilient and sustainable. A number of people who stepped up initially did not intend to stay on once the project is up and running. If you love this forum step up!

These are the notes from our last meeting two weeks ago:

Please RSVP to indicating two things:

  1. Will you be attending tonight’s meeting?

  2. Do you wish to be on the Forum Board?




It looks like the link has expired. Here’s a new one. Sorry for any inconvenience.
If anyone has an issue joining please call me at 971-222-9364

Since I didn’t make it to the meeting last night, I’d like to say that I am still willing to serve as a moderator for the forum. I did try to attend as requested, but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and 10:30 is already late for me.

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