Please PM me to verify who you are for the new forum

When the new forum is underway, we’ll want to have some way of making sure that your identity here can be tied to your identity there.

(Jack @waugh is in charge of putting it up at, with Jay Cincotta and myself helping/advising)

So please PM me, and include your email address, or, if you prefer not give me your email address, just use some “secret string” that only you would know. (don’t use a password you use elsewhere of course…) Either will be enough to verify you.

If you include your email address, I will email you when the new forum is up, especially if there is a lapse and we haven’t seen you sign up. Regardless, this can be used to link your identity to your old identity, such as if we are able to put all the old content in there. (we’re working on that but it may not happen right away)

Optionally, please tell me what you plan to use as your new username, if you plan to change it.

I am going to personally encourage everyone to use an actual name as their new username, if you aren’t already. If you don’t want to use your full real name, it could be just your first name (especially if it isn’t a super common one like “rob”), or it could be a made up one that sounds like an actual name. But I’d much prefer it feel like we are actually talking to humans. I particularly would discourage names that “take a position”, for instance “ScoreVotingIsBest” or “RankedChoiceSucks”. Again, though, this is my personal recommendation and you can do what you like.

While you are PMing me, please do the following if you want to. This is totally optional and just for fun:

Send me your ratings for the following voting methods, on a scale of 0-5. (if you don’t list one, it will count as zero) When the new board is up I’ll reveal all ballots (alongside your username), and then anyone who wants to tabulate them, under any compatible method, can do so.

The results mean nothing.

I’ll go ahead and post my ballot so I can’t cheat, but everyone else’s will remain private until voting ends. Voting ends in a week, or when this forum becomes locked, whichever is first.

Here’s my ballot, which shows the format:
CardinalBaldwin[5] STAR[3] Condorcet(RP)[3] STLR[2] Approval[2] Score[1]

Here are your choices. These are all considered to be for single winner elections.


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Thanks. Not a big deal, but this should really be via private message, because we want people to vote without knowing how others vote. (mine being the exception, since I’m the one getting the PMs).

The 0-5 one is the one that will count.

So far I’ve gotten about 12 ballots.

sorry, copy the vote that I delete it.

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DV = ?


NetApproval = ? (which is not the same as

RP =

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