Please vote in this poll on the name and URL for the new Forum!

Please vote! If your email is not your name please comment below with your name and email to let us know who you are. We will check the votes for duplicates.

This is a poll and the final decisions on name and url will be made by the interum forum committee. If the preferred name is similar to an existing org like CES or Electololgy or Equal Vote that org will have veto on the name. If you have suggestions which are not listed as options comment below.



Thanks for doing this Sara.

One question: should we post the options here on the forum? One reason I think it might be good is that there are two separate votes (one for the actual name, and the other for the domain/url), and you can’t see the second until you’ve voted on the first. And they have a bit of an interdependency… that is, available domain names can influence what name we give it. (my personal favorite name is in a large part because a fairly short and memorable domain name is surprisingly available)


Right! “Forum.Vote” could be a name in it’s own right.

Name Ideas:
Equal Vote Coalition Forum
Electoral Theory Forum
Voting Theory Forum
Electoral Reform Forum
Equal Vote Forum

Url Options:

*names and url options are in random order.


Weird that .vote domains cost more than .com…

I voted that .org is better than .com because it’s not a commercial venture, but I guess .com is kind of genericized at this point.

Also remember that after after July 30th we can’t post the new domain on this forum.

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I sent an email to Felix and CES with an update:

Hi Felix and CES, (please share with staff and board members,)

Progress is going well on the project to see the forum live on. The people who have come out to meetings have made a bunch of unanimous decisions (no need to argue over voting method thank god!) and so we have an interim committee at work setting up an autonomous forum. Equal Vote will help but it’ll be self governed and owner operated based on some bylaws. For starters we have a poll up asking for feedback on forum names and url options. If you have other ideas that aren’t on the list let me know or better yet chime in at: Please vote in this poll on the name and URL for the new Forum!

Vote here:

There have been a number of requests over at the forum to see if CES would consider either:

a. Extending the date when you plan to stop the forum until we have the new one live. (This was pretty short notice.)

b. After the forum is frozen, can you post a link from the old forum to the new one with a blurb on the change?

Thanks in advance,
Sara Wolk


For the poll, I associate the address to myself, William WAUGH of Virginia.

I refuse to divulge any information to Google. Here are my votes:

# Electoral Science Forum
0(X) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4( ) 5( )

# Equal Vote Forum
0(X) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4( ) 5( )

# Electoral Reform Forum
0( ) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4( ) 5(X)

# Voting Theory Forum
0( ) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4(X) 5( )

# Electoral Theory Forum
0( ) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4(X) 5( )

# Equal Vote Coalition Forum
0(X) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4( ) 5( )

# Election Methods Forum*
0( ) 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) 4( ) 5(X)

* Write-in

Note, I’m not worried about having a ‘secret ballot’ since this is a ‘casual’ (basic decision) rather than ‘political’ (power seeker decision) vote.

Also, for the domain name, check out nearly the virtually non-profit ‘nearlyfreespeech dot net’. They are actually honest and one of the very few who will go the extra distance to protect your domain. (It’s no club, but one must become a ‘member’.)

I will not be very active since I am quite sure my methods (simple score, the simple ranked instant alternative to RCV, and orthogonal redistricting) are the absolutely correct ones.

Good luck!

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Apparently there are 3 different threads about this. I also suggested “election methods” and would also write that in if it were possible.


Got your vote. Thanks for voting and for the write in suggestion as well.

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I think “Democratic Systems Forum” would be a good choice for the name, and I too would write it in.

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