Poll open to votes (distributed vote format)

Link to the poll: What’s the best goal?

  • This poll is designed to test a distributed vote ballot (similar to a vote with range [0,9]).
  • The poll isn’t competitive, but read the description carefully otherwise it may seem that all options deserve the highest rating.
  • I also need the results for an educational purpose so the more votes, the better.
  • ok, it’s a little spam, but also you can analyze the results right away by clicking on “Advance Statistics” on the results page (finding the votes in “.csv” format).

This feels really weird, because these concepts intersect. Many environmental issues are also public health issues, such as air pollution. Arguably, callousness with public health is itself a human rights violation (the Flint Water Crisis is one example). Education is also arguably a human right. If you are kept ignorant then a lot of your rights will not do you much good. The concept of the Miranda warning is a recognition of this. Innovation could mean innovation in any of the other domains on your list. As for democracy, it is closely linked with both human rights and education. Nondemocratic societies historically have had little respect for human rights. However, a vote is not that valuable if you lack access to information about the candidates or have no ability to interpret it.

This feels really weird, because these concepts intersect.

The “hidden” purpose of this poll is to find a correlation between goals, based on the votes and therefore based on what people think. Finding a correlation in a complicated / intersected context is more interesting than finding it between “republican” and “democratic” candidates, whose correlation is already known.

If you look at the results page in “Advance Statistics” you will find a tool that serves to understand broadly the similarities between candidates, based on the votes (but you need a lot of votes :sweat_smile:).