Project to Track and Build Score Voting Support

@TedGetschman and Warren Smith are starting a project to track score* voting support in the US. I think this project is an excellent idea, since the information will help campaigners figure out where the most promising places to target their efforts are. (Although there is a risk that support will mostly arise in the places that have already had active campaigns and it doesn’t give us any new information.) It will only be effective if people participate though, so be sure to sign up and tell your friends.

* Supporters of score variants such as STAR are welcome! This isn’t the People’s Front of Judea.

The site looks like it’s still a beta, but I still think it will be a useful tool.



I like it, especially because just about everywhere we go IRV is busy locking us out of every consideration. The grassroots are working hard to promote STAR in Oregon. In spite of RCV, we’ve managed to carryout the 2020 primary for the Independent Party of Oregon, carryout elections in both the Democratic Party of Oregon and the Multnomah County Democratic Party. I’d like to see a map with ongoing efforts and victories. I can help.

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