Rank choice voting unworkable for presidential elections


The Green Party wants to use Illusory Reform Voting for Presidential Elections and they want to End the Electoral College.

I sometimes have to wonder if they are just trying to create utter chaos.


National IRV for President? There’s no way that could ever go wrong…


I could see actual “benefits” (at least from the perspective of a twisted mind) for trying to create the most massively controversial, insecure, messed up Election that will take longer than two and a half months to count and recount and everything.

Does anyone know how to contact political parties?


Counterpoint: that’s failed in the past.


Trying to cause chaos or contacting political parties?


Trying to cause chaos.


Also, trying to contact political parties.

There are clots of Greens on Facebook, and some of them are pretty argumentative, which could be a good thing.


Although, if the IRV propaganda got to those pretty argumentative greens first, it could be a bad thing.