Rating Vote the 2020 Primary

Here’s a ratings poll for the 2020 Primary.

I think getting interest in our voting advocacy work through the interest in the primary process could be powerful. Especially with 20+ candidates and no clear frontrunner due to the fracturing of traditional ‘pick one’ polling.
I’d hope to do one of these every week through at least March of next year or whenever the primary calendar winds up picking someone.
I’m waffling on the UI. I’m not sure whether 10…0 rating or 1st,2nd,3rd,… rating will be easier for the majority of people on the internet. I did this one 10…0 but I’ll probably do the next one ranked.
Please share the link above so that we get more votes. I’ll publish all the anonymized raw data behind each poll.


No one else really seriously suggests IRNR (it is not precinctable); just use simple score voting or STAR voting.

There are a few candidates that I think would be performing better if Approval polls were used. I heard somewhere that Cory Booker is well-liked but has a weak base. (Remind me again why FailVote thinks candidates need to have “core support” in order to be good politicians? Oh wait, I remember – it just gives them another “pro-IRV” argument.)

Not to mention that every politician’s first choice is themselves, meaning that they and their supporters are all the core support you need. And one can be passionate about their second choice; a lot of people do it in today’s elections, where they’ll hate their side’s candidate but hate the other side even more.

Can we see Majority Denominator (Score averaging, but any candidate scored by less than a majority is pretended to be scored by a simple majority) and STAR automatically included with the results? Also, it seems strange to forcefully renormalize our ballots; maybe put a checkbox in allowing us that choice?

Let me see if I get this straight:
Voters can score each candidate 0-10 or leave blank. Suppose there are V voters.
The first V/2 blanks do not count towards the average, but each blank after that is a zero?

No, it’s more like, if candidate A gets a 8/10 from a majority of voters, we take their total points divided by total number of voters who scored them, so say it’s 60 voters out of 100 who scored them, that’s 8 x 60/60 = an average of 8. But suppose we had a candidate scored a 10/10 by 40% of voters; the uniformity of this rating implies that rather than it being one side or the other just max’ing their candidate, that what’s actually happening is that this candidate is really good but has low name recognition. Majority Denominator pretends the candidate was scored by a simple majority, so instead of saying 10 x 40/40, we say 10 x 40/51. This means that an “unknown lunatic” candidate can’t win because their rating might look something like 10 x 2/51 rather than 10 x 2/2. Essentially, Majority Denominator will show you the lowest possible rating a majority of voters could give a candidate scored with less than a majority, by pretending that all the voters who would’ve made up the rest of that majority scored that candidate a 0, then averaging it.

Interesting site. Anyone know who makes it? I’m going to putting together a “mother of all voting” sites platform and I’m looking for collaborators.

This is a good effort. Two comments. First, The UI you have now does not work on my phone. Second, do not legitimize IRV by using it. People find scoring quicker and simpler anyway.

betterpolls.com is my site, I wrote and maintain it. The poll I linked to is set up as a 10…0 rating counted by Condorcet. It doesn’t run IRV because IRV sucks. It can take 10…0 ratings 1…N rankings as input. If it looks bad on a phone, could you tell me what kind and maybe email me a screenshot? https://bolson.org/email.html

Yes, IRV sucks. Totally agree there.

I am using firefox on a samsung and cant use the dropdown. No interation.

Also, requiring somebody to log in will bias you selection more than the people who vote more than once would. I would remove this requirement.

Why is the scale from best to worst? That’s really unintuitive.

There are some more here:




Where? Count me as Perhaps in, assuming I win the Runoff. ;)

Is there any reason that you cannot use a simple
<input type="number" min="0" max="10" />
<input type="range" />
instead of the buttons? Then it would work on any device.

One of those STAR polls has nine thousand and fifty two voters! How?!

As in a cleaned up version of rangevote.org or as in a place which will run any method known. Either way, I would like to contribute.

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There’s a “mother of all lists of voting sites” here: https://electowiki.org/wiki/Voting_links#Polling_sites

I believe it was spread around on Twitter quite a bit.