RCV Will Be On Certain Hampshire (MA) Ballots This Tuesday


Ranked Choice Voting will be on certain Hampshire ballots this Tuesday. Stay informed!

Jane, will you be voting in the 1st or 3rd Hampshire districts on Tuesday, or know anyone who will be?

Just five days from now, residents of Northampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Hatfield, Amherst, Pelham and Precinct 1 of Granby will see Question 5 on their ballots, asking:

“Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to introduce and vote in favor of legislation adopting a system for all state and local primaries and elections in which voters rank candidates in order of preference ?”

Though non-binding, this public policy question gives Hampshire County the chance to reaffirm its commitment to leading the state in electoral reform. Here in the Pioneer Valley, we know there is a hungry appetite for ways to improve our democracy, even one town and one district at a time.

Read Up on Question 5

Listen to this great interview with local residents and educators about what’s happening on Tuesday’s ballot:

Linda Castronovo on Valley Free Radio [segment begins at 31:46]

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After the Midterms: Let’s Celebrate!

We understand the realities of election season, with volunteers spread thin among countless causes and campaigns – that’s why our November and December events will focus on giving thanks to our 300+ volunteers! Read on to find your nearest cozy house party, fundraiser, coffee and pie election, or chapter meeting.

Greenfield | Nov 10 · Dean’s Beans Coffee Election
Florence | Nov 11 · RCV Benefit Party + Dessert “Confection Election”
Northampton | Nov 12 · Hampshire County Chapter Meeting
Holyoke | Nov 15 · Hampden County Chapter Meeting
Northampton | Dec 7 · All-Vol Holiday Ball + Documentary Watch Party!

We hope to see you soon Jane – there’s nothing like getting together with other volunteers and remembering our shared purpose: making democracy work again.

Liz Popolo | Voter Choice Massachusetts
Pioneer Valley Regional Lead

P.S. – With just under a week to go, all eyes are watching national, state, and local candidate races; some in Maine to be determined by ranked-choice voting. Others – like Alaska’s chaotic gubernatorial contest – a poster child for why states can’t afford to wait on passing RCV.


Letter to the Editor

Please Vote NO on Question #5

Ranked choice voting “RCV,” which often takes the form of “IRV,” has been hoodwinking voters for over 100 years. It is a shell game in which the voters end up with very little choice, and it generally creates a mess that gets sorted out by the vote counters. It is not “new” or “hip” at all. People either get rid of it, or get stuck with it and hate it.

“Voters rank candidates in order of preference” sounds reasonable. But it’s hardly any different than our single selection system. It does not actually allow for “third parties.” It sounds simple, but so does chess, when you first learn it. Eventually it delivers just two dominant parties, just by a MUCH more complicated route. Save people from thousands of headaches. Try the “score” voting method, instead, which actually works smoothly. And please vote NO on Question #5.


I would improve that letter as follows:

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) sounds like a great idea, but it is the wrong method to address the problem. Australia uses it for their House of Representatives and that House is almost entirely 2-party dominated. RCV may prevent spoilers initially, but once third parties get strong enough to surpass the major candidates, they can still become spoilers. (Source: Burlington 2009 mayoral race. The Republican plays the role of the third party in that extremely left-wing city. Montroll was preferred to everyone else by a majority but Kiss won because Montroll was eliminated early.)

If you really want to fix democracy, you want Score Voting. Voters give each candidate a score from 0-9 and the highest average wins. For more on this visit www.scorevoting.net and let’s avoid this RCV booby trap.

You need to provide evidence and a link to more information.