Replacement forums will be at

I haven’t heard officially what the results from the vote for the domain for the new forums, however, I got a hint that seemed to be in the lead. I went ahead and got the domain and am working on getting the forums set up. Right now there is nothing but a placeholder page (and it probably gives a warning about it not being proper https).

It should be up shortly, if not this weekend, at least within the week. It may be pretty basic at first but once it is running I an add plug ins, themes, decide on the subforum names, etc.

Regardless, I wanted to make sure that before this one is shut down there is a message about where to find the new one. If a different domain is decided upon, this one will work for a while as well.


@fsargent please pin


Thank you so much for your effort and determination on this.

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No prob. As you can see is probably not what it’s going to be, but it’s hard to tell at this point what it will be.

The good news is this old forum is still running. There is technically a forum up at now, and I’ll change the domain when I know what it is to be. There is still some significant work to do to get everything working properly (plug ins such as Imgur and Codepen, a nice theme, categories, SSL, email), but if this one got switched off today, the new one is there and sort of working.

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I edited the title because we decided to use as the domain.

@RobBrown 's beta is still at for the moment.