Rob Richie got on 1A, no fair


Eh, they did show some nice counter arguments but they forgot to consider alternative systems like Score, STAR, and even Approval!

One thing I thought about doing is following the topics and trying to find a way to get STAR or Score or something on the air. Although they also probably get 10^4’s of comments so maybe this may be too ambitious.

However, I do want to find SOME way for us to get national attention, while trying to remain nonpartisan.


Counted is focusing on getting our infrastructure together right now, but I have ideas for getting more media attention—I just need volunteers to help with the legwork since I’m short on time right now. If you’re interested in helping, let me know.


That’s what we’re doing at CES. We’ve just hired two great people to manage campaign operations and philanthropy and will be hiring a media director next. That’s when you should see us start cooking with gas.
As always, donate! Every bit helps us advocate to bigger audiences.


RCV appears again. No mention of any other voting systems.

(This time it was not Rob Richie but they mentioned the previous podcast about Illusory Reform Voting in the late part of the 10/08 episode.)