Score Voting where a candidate who reaches an approval threshold on 30% more ballots than the Score winner wins

The idea is that in an election such as:
70 A10 B7
30 A4 B10

820 A 790 B

B is the better candidate if you’re trying to make sure every voter is satisfied with the result.
This modification can be applied to Condorcet or other methods done on rated ballots.

Why the magic number 30%? I presume that the “approval threshold” is 5.

I think if you want that idea, just go with Approval Voting. The idea behind Score is to sometimes allow more concentrated minority preferences to win out, sure, but there have to be limits on that or else the majority will simply exaggerate their preferences and then they always rule.

Just to give something concrete.

Also consider that Score can at times boost consensus candidates. A simple example would be where some voter would give 1 or 2 points to a candidate of the other side and helps them win over the more partisan candidate Approval might have boosted.

If it’s the majority versus a supermajority-approved candidate, it’d appear to allow the supermajority to win most of the time. I don’t see much possibility for the majority to exaggerate their preferences in a way that they couldn’t do in Score in that particular scenario.

It’s also maybe worth pointing out that a self-aggrandizing majority probably wouldn’t be using Score in the first place.