So what all actually happened at Unrig?


Last week at least one CES person went to the Unrig summit… but the only post that directly referenced it after the summit was over was the one about STL Approves.

What else happened at Unrig that is worth sharing?


STAR Voting people sent out an email about it:

The UnrigTheSystem Summit rocked!

Last weekend STAR Voting advocates from around the country flew into Nashville, Tennessee to attend the nations largest election reform summit of the year. UnrigTheSystem, hosted by our partner Represent.Us, included 3 days of speakers, panels, workshops, and more.

We teamed up with UnsplitTheVote to stand in solidarity with other voting reforms which eliminate- not just mitigate- vote splitting. We befriended activists from The Center For Election Science, RCV Maine, RCV Tennessee, and many, many others. We introduced STAR voting to 100s of keen election reformers. We sold a ton of our new glow-in-the dark t-shirts! We shone bright, and I have never been more proud of our team, our hard work, or our movement.

We have a lot more to report, but Eugene has a meeting tonight and this email blast needs to go out right now, so stay tuned for a followup with the full story soon!


I still think that the un****thevote motto is going to be off-putting to some, and a different one should be phased in.


Agreed. They told me it was “officially retired” in September, but I guess not.


The people it would be offputting to are mostly conservatives so they are the very people we should want to sway most


I mentioned the “unf***thesystem” card and shirt – I think it’s funny. They try to only give it to people they assume to be down with the sentiment. I think there’s plenty of space for different ways of addressing the inequities in our political system.

For CES the main update was success tabling. We have a lot of updates on our twitter feed.
Overall it was a fun event - and we’d love to see any of y’all at the next one.
We’ll get the video of Aaron’s talk out to you the moment we have it.


Obviously, Nashville was well stocked with prime-time entertainment and fabulous financial assistance.

My observations have consistently indicated that the major organizations that promote RCV/IRV are supported with funds from the Rockefeller Brothers, Ford Foundation, Carnegie-Mellon Fund, etc, etc, etc. I would say that that should be enough to qualify as a “connection”!

And I doubt that anyone can show that any organization which actively promotes score (or range) voting has ever been sponsored by rich foundations (“charities” – ha-ha-ha) such as those.

Nevertheless, the Strategic Hedge Simple Score faction was well represented at the glitzy show in Nashville:

=/ With much thanks to the wonderful folks at the Church of the SubGenius /=
(The Duke of Uke)


“I remember Sara Wolf telling me about the unfuckthevote slogan, and I was really skeptical about its effectiveness. We were standing on a corner in Eugene waving signs for the STAR Voting campaign. A few minutes later, we saw a car stuck in traffic and the back window rolled down. A young man yelled at us something about all political issues being bullshit. It was interesting because he was trying to convey ambivalence, but anyone who takes the time and energy to roll down a window and shout at strangers actually must really care about things, even if the thing they care about is anger at everything being bullshit. Sara knew exactly what to do. She shouted “I agree with you!” The young man looked puzzled. “Go to!” she shouted “That’s our website!” His eyes lit up. “Really?!” he asked. “Write it down!” she said. He scrambled for a pen and paper. That was the moment I learned the power of the word “fuck” in our cause.” - Annie Kallan (Oregon Republican and core STAR volunteer)

STAR Voting doesn’t use the UnFuckTheVote slogan widely, but we do still have it on some of our shirts and some of our mini-zines. People LOVE it, and attempts to faze it out were met with passionate public outcry. The unfuck 2020 vision shirt design outsold all other designs we’ve made, including our new one. The people have spoken.


The people it would be offputting to are mostly conservatives so they are the very people we should want to sway most

Yep, it may appeal to angsty young people, but certainly wouldn’t appeal to people like my grandparents, and we need them on board, too.

On the other hand, my grandparents are dead. So…

People LOVE it, and attempts to faze it out were met with passionate public outcry.

Sigh. I guess if it works, it works.